Summer residents when buying linoleum

Any linoleum consists of several layers, the thickest of which is the back layer. Make it from PVC foam. The quality of heat and sound insulation depend on the back of the coating. The floor will be the warmer, the larger the layer of foam.

The next moment – resistance to deformation whether linoleum has from racks of furniture, heels? So that there is no trace after the loads, the basis of linoleum should have enough density. The higher the density, the more strokes will be more. To evaluate this parameter, a mass of several coatings of the same thickness is compared (the most dense material will be) or you can squeeze the linoleum with your hands. The coating density will be higher if when the layer thickness is pressed, less will change.

It happens that the basis made of foamed PVC is duplicated, but already from polyester. The polyester is located under a layer of foam, protecting the surface from freezing, which is very important, since PVC foam periods of defrosting and freezing transfers poorly. Polyester also provides coating protection.

The material of such a coating will not be able to delay, since they are both interconnected at the molecular level. Therefore, linoleum made on a duplicated basis will be an ideal choice for a country life.

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