We deal with the suckers in the sewer

Zasori in the sewage system is the most common problem in this area. And there are a lot of ways and tips on how to prevent this and what to do if it all happened.

Ideally, one six months or a year, it is necessary to carry out preventive measures, and then you will rarely face such problems.

Of course, the question always arises – why is the sewage clog?

First, this can happen through your fault. Throwing out the remnants of food and other waste can eventually lead to their accumulation in the pipe. And so he appeared in a blockage. By the way, we do not recommend repairing the pumps on your own. It is best to contact professional firms, one of which you can see by passing the above link. The same applies to the toilet. Do not throw hygiene items and cat fillers into it. All this leads to mechanical suction and is the most common cause.

Secondly, various fat and sludge deposits are gradually forming on the walls of sewers. It does not depend on the human factor.

Thirdly, time can lead to suction, that is, the older the pipe, the more often it happens. So, it’s time to think about the capital replacement.

Fourthly, any mechanical pipe damage can be the cause of the blockage. This also does not apply to the fault of a person. This can happen, for example, due to soil shift.

You can independently eliminate small blockages and fat deposits. This can be done using special tools sold in stores. Choose the product in accordance with the materials of your pipes, otherwise you will do even more harm to them.  If you have a large blockage, then better call the master to help.

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