The design of design.

In favor of the construction of construction, it is necessary to have a variety of projects in which the main factors of promotion of construction and installation work will be provided. The construction of buildings is not carried out on a hunch, on this circumstance I would like to rotate to analysts – designers, builders. The majestic sword in favor of designers is not only the preparation of the documentation, the main integrity will be taken into account the components, which will need to be reflected in the construction of the customer.

Accounting for such factors as a geographical location of construction, the year of construction, internal layout, design and design of the site. When erecting country houses, for example, a lot of time is devoted to the site. The architectural ensemble of buildings should be combined with arbors, utility buildings, garden sculpture. The magnificent to break the site into zones. Make paths in favor. Address the main points on which they will be placed in the entertainment sites, arbors.

The main plans formulated by experts will make it possible to avoid violation of already beaten electric cables, pipes. It will be provided for sufficient drainage work, the arrangement of the sewer system. There will be issues of arranging water bodies and fountains will be resolved. The arrangement of access medons, just as the fencing of the site will be examined in the joint intention to perform work. The specifics of the materials will be considered at the project stage. What materials will be previous, and how they will be applied?

There will be a compiled estimate of the work. It is magnificent to note that the predominance of artificial origin of materials is able to reduce the cost of the project, because eco – materials are more expensive. But, in the country house, any materials will probably be reunited, and the choice remains only in what materials will be more than and to what extent it will be tightened by building, since it is not to take into service, for example, a stone, but a stone. The project must have a “project passport”, it is clear to receive the permissible construction, only after that it is quite possible to start working out.

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