Sellers of apartments are already ready for significant concessions

The real estate market is in an indefinite state, it is simply feverish. Despite the fact that many sellers have already announced their readiness to give a little in price, no one is in a hurry to change the total cost in the ads.

The situation is completely similar and based on the results of this week. Why do real estate sellers do not change the price tags? Most of them claim that it is quite problematic to navigate in the situation that has developed in the country, and even more so, to make any promising forecasts. That is why they prefer to voice the final cost of a house or apartment directly with real viewing, taking into account the current situation in the country. And the readiness of customers to conduct a real deal plays a fairly significant role for real business negotiations.

Even in very narrow segments of the Ukrainian real estate market, there is currently no unanimity when implementing a certain price policy. Each seller of one or another object can act at his own discretion, based on his goal and situation. Significantly inferior to those owners of apartments that were purchased using mortgage loans. Therefore, many of them are simply forced to urgently sell their own apartments, they need to keep up with the increase in the value of the American dollar.

There are also a number of sellers on the market who simply cannot go to reduce the price. In a situation where there are no real calls, and even more so, viewing apartments, they are forced to completely withdraw their objects from sale. The total number of transactions according to the results of the last few weeks has not actually changed in any way.

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