Lamps. Which lamp to choose?

With the help of correctly selected lighting devices, you can make variety to any room, create a variety of lighting effects, in the kitchen, in the living room or bedroom. There are various types of lighting devices for this. Today there are a great many of them. Lamps are great for both full lighting and partial.

Before you hang the lighting device anywhere in the apartment, you need to accurately calculate the direction, scatter light. It is possible that one source will be not enough, and it will not be possible to achieve the desired light effect. It is worth thinking in advance about an additional lamp.

According to the installation method, there is such a classification:

Ceiling lamps are the main source of light that are located directly on the ceiling. The choice is very large, with various elements and without, with one lamp and more. If we are talking about a suspended ceiling, then an indispensable thing is lamps that are built directly into the ceiling. Thanks to such light sources, you can construct various lighting options.

The suspended lighting sources are somewhat similar to the ceiling, but they belong to a different type. Light sources are less decorative, but has one dignity, they can be adjusted thanks to the suspension on which they weigh.

Using wall lighting sources, you can create point, soothing light.

For large rooms, floor lamps are perfect. They create light effects. Complement the interior, bring a certain charm. The choice of floor lamps is very large.

Table lamps are very convenient. Can be called a household lamp. It can be easily transferred from one place to another. Excellent decor for any room.

By type of lighting:

Lighting can be straight, scattered, reflected.

Light sources, from which the direct light comes very economical. For a room in which a low ceiling is a very profitable option. And also suitable for local lighting, such as lighting workplace, table.

Lighting devices with multiple light can be called the best. For complete lighting the room, a suitable option. The light gently falls to the floor, walls, ceiling. But there is one nuance: if the design of the room is in dark color, then the lighting should be from strong power lamps.

Lamps with reflected light for calm, even lighting. They do not blind. And if you supplement the lateral light with lamps, then the effect will be even better.

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