We build partitions from aerated concrete

With the advent of such building material as aerated concrete, the construction of various facilities stepped to a new step. Houses, garages and other structures are built from aerated concrete. Also, construction from aerated concrete is applicable for laying external and internal walls. Particularly popular are partitions in residential premises from this material. Blocks with a width of 10 to 20 cm are great for redevelopment of apartments.

Due to the fact that the material has a porous structure, the density of the blocks is small. However, one block of aerated concrete replaces the masonry of 20 bricks, the weight of which reaches 80 kilograms. Thus, the weight of the aerated concrete partition is small, this allows the wall to erect in the shortest possible time. In addition, it is easier to lay communications and electric wires in such walls.

To build a partition, the use of T-shaped anchors will be required. Such anchors should be installed according to the level of horizontal seams. There are no fundamental differences in the construction of partitions from the construction of the supporting walls. When installing partitions, temporary guides and vibration gaskets are required, which use polyethylene, fiberboard or the Ministry of Pillet. The partition is applied to them using special glue. The same vibration gasket must be made between the partition and the bearing wall. Further actions for the construction of partitions are no different from the construction of the supporting wall. The indicator that the partition is designed correctly is a flat surface.

What is important to take into account the construction of walls from aerated concrete

Aerated concrete, like other building materials, has its own characteristics:

The width of the necessary aerated concrete blocks depends on the height of the ceiling. If the ceiling does not exceed three meters, then blocks of 10 centimeters wide are suitable, for a 3-meter ceiling, blocks of 15 centimeters are used, and if the ceiling is above three meters, then it is advisable to use 20-centimeter blocks;

If the grace is used, it is desirable to use a galvanized strip of 0.2 cm in the pantry of the seamstress. Strips from felt should be mounted into the base of the walls, gluing free space with special glue.

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