How to choose an atelier

Today, the abundance of tempting-beautiful signs with the services of the atelier is amazing. It would seem what to contact in an atelier if in the modern world there are dozens of shops, boutiques, salons where you can choose any model and brand of clothing? Orders made in the studio have a number of undeniable advantages.

How to choose an atelier

Firstly, this is a sewing personality.  You will get a 100% guarantee that the order made will be perfectly sitting on your figure. Sewing is made after a thorough and strict fitting, all the nuances of the proportions of your figure are taken into account.

Secondly, you get an exclusive clothing model, when creating which you can act as a designer and offer your ideas and wishes for seeing the final result.

Thirdly, you can always be sure of the quality of the materials from which the order is made, because the choice of fabric remains for you. In the studio you will control the course of sewing, you can see and touch everything at any time.  The fact is no less important that, contacting the atelier, you will work with professionals of your business, who will always give an important and qualified advice, will help to navigate in a huge selection of fabrics, styles and color shades.

Let’s look at what you should pay attention to when choosing an atelier to which you will entrust your image or an interior of housing.

How to choose an atelier

Ateliers have a wide range of services- individual sewing clothes, repair, manufacturing only a certain type of order (shoes, hats, wedding or ballroom dresses, etc.D.). In accordance with this, the studio is divided into two types: universal and specialized.

The choice of atelier depends on your material capabilities. Ateliers are district, available to the wide segments of the population, here you can make a small repair of clothing, or place an order for simple, (“non -design”) clothing models. Middle class studio offer customers their models of clothing, or have a narrow specialization. Well, and the “luxury” studio will allow you to delight others with an exclusive outfit that you will only have.  Many do not dare to contact the studio, believing that in the price list they will see sky -high prices.  This is not entirely true. In stores, we overpay for customs duties, brand and other trade margins.

Of course, the order for elite models will be many times more expensive than the order according to standard samples.   But it is worth remembering, it is better to pay expensive once and wear a thing for years than buying cheaper and in a few months to observe the unaesthetic appearance of the appearance.

If you are not interested in clothes, and you want to have an unusual design of your room, contact the textile studio.  You will be offered to sew beautiful and original bedspreads, curtains, covers for furniture and so on.

How to choose an atelier

In any case, what was the purpose of contacting the studio, you need to be confident in the professionalism of its employees. You pay money for which you want to get a quality “product”. Read the reviews about the studio, collect the recommendations. Feel free to ask about the level of professional education of the tailor, look at ready -made orders, evaluate their quality.

Check about the timing of your order. A good atelier will not promise to do everything “in a way”, in a short time. After all, an individual order, especially exclusive, requires time, accuracy, accuracy and more than one fitting. If you are offered “additional services” in the form of cleaning, ironing clothes, as well as help in choosing accessories (bags, belts), this suggests that the studio has a high reputation, where they value and respect their customers.

Atelic is the only hope for people with non-standard figures. Only sewing clothes to order will help to get rid of the complexes and feel confident and beautiful, both in everyday life and at the solemn event.

Turning to a good atelier, be sure you will get the thing that you dreamed about, in it you will always be in the spotlight and discussion!

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