Risk insurance

Unexpectedness that lies in wait for any type of economic activity, including trade, have a certain share of the likelihood of an onset. First of all, it depends on the ability of the leadership of conducting entrepreneurial trade activities, the ability to predict the political and economic situation in the country, correctly predict, calculate and manage their income and expenses, not make mistakes in the choice of counterparties, etc.D.

Trade, since the construction area is also at risk and these risks need to be read and avoided

/Business/Strahovanie-Imushchestva/Stroitelno-Montazhnyh-Riskov/Activities for entrepreneurs, is quite attractive. Its organization requires at the initial stage a fairly small cost. We are talking about the purchase of trade equipment, furniture, cash register, as well as directly goods, the trade of which is supposed to.

In addition to traditional insurance, a trading company should also provide for insurance of some specific risks of this industry. As you know, modern trade is a complex system with a full range of services, ranging from the production of own brands to the sale of products.

Specific risks accompanying the conduct of trading activities are related:

– with the presence of expensive buildings with exclusive finishes;

– with the availability of sufficiently large amounts of cash at the box office;

– with the presence of large batches of expensive goods in the halls and in warehouses;

– with the presence of some groups of perishable goods, which involve a special storage regime;

– with the presence of flammable and some explosive goods;

– with the constant need for transportation of goods, which is associated with the risk of their loss or damage;

– with the presence of parking lots of both ground and underground, which is associated with the risk of damage or theft of cars;

– with an accumulation of a significant number of people;

– with responsibility to consumers in terms of safety of products sold.

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