How to choose jeans

Jeans have so firmly entered our lives that in the wardrobe of each person they can surely count several pairs. This is especially true for young fashionistas – after all, in jeans you can not only relax with friends outside the city or go on hikes. In the modern world in jeans, it is quite acceptable to go to work or study, visit cafes and cinemas and even go on holidays on holidays. But you should choose the right jeans – incorrectly selected jeans can visually change your figure and make you visually complete, and your legs in short. To choose jeans correctly, you just need to know some recommendations.

Those who have a non -standard figure and want to wear jeans, you can give one important advice – choose direct models of medium width. Such jeans sit well even on figures that are far from model.

The material from which jeans are made can be different – this is Denim, Streich, and Velvet, and even velvet. When choosing jeans, think about how the fabric from which they are sewn will behave in a toe – whether it will stretch or, conversely, will not sit after washing?

If you choose jeans by color, then remember that light jeans are somewhat complete – this should be taken into account if you have extra pounds. The optimal color of the jeans, suitable for people with any figure, is dark blue. He is practical, never goes out of fashion and is slightly dirty. Blue jeans are more suitable for young and romantic young ladies – oddly enough, jeans of this color help them create a romantic image.

In addition to evaluating how your new jeans are sitting on you in front, be sure to look at how they are sitting on you from behind. If the jeans you have chosen have small and low pockets from behind, then they will only sit only on the perfect figure. If you do not belong to those who possess it, then this cut will visually increase you from behind. Sometimes it happens that the jeans you like, as it were, visually make your buttocks flat. This does not mean that the jeans are new and then stretch out – this suggests that this style is not for your figure.

Quite often in jeans clothing stores you can find jeans with a low waist. Remember that such models do not go to everyone. For example, if you have fat on your stomach, then the jeans of this cut are definitely not for you – a large overhanging stomach will definitely not add to you attractiveness. In your case, it is better to take jeans with a regular waist. Also, you should not buy jeans with a low waist to those who have short legs – in such jeans your legs will visually become even shorter.

When choosing jeans, remember that the main rule when choosing this wardrobe item sounds like this – exhale and try on. Remember that properly selected jeans during the first fitting should be very closely crowded – this is normal, since they must be slightly slightly stretched in the process of socks. And the model is spacious and convenient during the first fitting after a while, most likely, it will turn into something big and shapeless – remember this.

A no less important criterion for choosing jeans is the length of the model. You should know that jeans should not be short – approximately all models should have a length up to the middle of the heel of your shoes. This rule does not apply to tight -fitting jeans models, which can often be seen on young girls -the length of such jeans should not be lower than the ankle. Clothing designers do not advise you to try to cover the heel with them – this will not add attractiveness to your image.

When trying on jeans, do not stand still – go, squat, turn and lean. So you will understand how comfortable you are in them and how well they are sitting on you.

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