What is a turbocharged gas column?

The constant rise in price of energy in Ukraine makes most citizens of the country look for ways to save or deceive the indicators of gas meters, electricity and water. Naturally, savings and energy -saving technologies are a civilized way to pay for energy less than energy. Various magnets and other ways of deceiving utility operators sooner or later leads to the rise in price of services or their provision not in full. This is called a vicious circle. However, if we want to live better, we will have to honestly save, not steal. Personally, it is more logical for me to buy a gas column in Ukraine, since from this I will only win my family.

One of the options to reduce gas consumption, when there is a gas column and a meter for natural gas is the installation of a modern turbocharged gas column with good combustion indicators of the mixture, savings and reliability.

Turbocharged gas column – modern device for heating running water due to combustion of natural gas. At the same time, AOD can be used for household purposes, in organizations and enterprises where the sanitary and epidemiological regime must be observed. This column differs from a conventional gas column in the way the system for output of spent combustion products and air supply is arranged. Forced ventilation with a coaxial chimney is implemented here (one pipe is in another pipe), which is excreted outside the apartment, to the street. In addition, the air is also taken from the outside.

A turbocharged gas column is perfect for premises where a traditional chimney is not provided. And with the help of a built -in fan and coaxial chimney, we can solve this problem with a hole in the wall. I note that it is completely sealed, and does not burn oxygen indoors, just as it does not pollute it with carbon monoxide and other combustion products.

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