LED lamps, select where to buy correctly

Today, a Chinese manufacturer prevails in the market in most cases, but do not immediately say that this is not a quality product. After all, now, perhaps, they are produced only there, which means that many China manufacturers can choose a quality path as the main competitive advantage that ordinary buyers of retail appreciate. But the problem is the same in our suppliers, because they need to follow the laws of the economy take a cheaper product. We will consider many options and answer your question: how it is worth buying LED lamps, for what price and what brand.

one. Our first copy will be a lamp with a basement E27. Let’s analyze it and look at its components.

There is an aluminum radiator and LEDs, which, to the great disappointment of the previous generation, which means – they have worse light output.

The food driver that is connected to the basement.

Light -screeching, in the form of a cap.

When we tried to apply this lamp, t.e. twist it into a hole. Then the insulator on the basement cracked with us, and the light scraping fell away from the device. Not very pleasant first opinion about this product.

With a more detailed consideration of this product, it can be noted that the soldering of contacts is quite weak, which leads to the opinion – the fragility of such lamps.

2. The following that we examined is the LED lamp is T8 pipe.

After analyzing the creation, we came to the conclusion that it was partially gathering manually. This can be seen by soldering contacts in the lamp.

At the note: noticing that the lamp was going to manually simply, the presence of different quantities of rosin and tin on the rations clearly indicates this. Plus, the presence of this is threatened with violation of contacts, and as a result of a partial failure

This is something like this:

A consistent connection of a dozen lamps, threatens with this way out of order. It would seem that one has broken, and not shine more than 5-10 lamps.

Another important part of the analysis of the LED lamp is the driver. Through that the lamp gets energy, often smart Chinese save on them, and in more accurate terms on electrolytic capacitors. If they are of poor quality, then the lamp will not last you for more than 1 year. Although the general condition of all other details is still in good condition. As for the use of lamps for outdoor lighting, there are separate issues here. because they create them under and for some conditions, but will be used in completely different. For example, the most popular area where the lamps are made does not experience cold even in winter, t.e. The temperature in this region does not drop below zero.

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