Common female fantasies

If the guys knew about the sexual fantasies of their second halves, then they would be much bolder with their girls. After all, female imagination has no boundaries, sometimes they themselves are ashamed because of their innermost desires.

Women’s fantasies – what they are

Sexual fantasies are part of the life of any girl. In imaginary scenes, everything is subject to everything, every girl there are many times more sexy and more beautiful, there are many fans, there is no fear of shocking a man.

Of course, you should not completely immerse yourself in the imaginary world of sexual fantasies, but you can make fantasies “seasoning” of sexual life, thanks to this you will become bolder, therefore, much more attractive to men. And, of course, you will become happier! And this is perhaps the most important.

So, rude sex – this is the most common female sex fantasia. Most often, the scenes with a broken bandit are represented by young individuals, even more often – virgins. It is worth noting that more than half of the ladies in their fantasies love not to dominate the guy, but to obey him.

Common female fantasies

Group sex can be called the second most common erotic fantasy. Surprisingly, scenes with several naked young handsome men are represented by the ladies from the age of 40. Such a phenomenon is simply explained: by this age, ladies reach the peak of sexuality, for full satisfaction they need unbridled partners. This is what lies in the emergence of such frank fantasies.

Sometimes in her fantasies a girl sees herself a prostitute. After all, in this role, a woman is powerless, and this excites her so much! The lady imagines that a man forces her to do anything for money, of course, in ordinary life this is prohibited. Often such fantasies are the destiny of the ladies who are clamped in life during sex, conservative.

Heroes from erotic fantasies

What are they – men from the erotic fantasies of most women? Often – these are fictional men – large, hairy, with bristles and a large member.

Common female fantasies

But at least, ladies fantasize about the guys whom I know personally – acquaintances, colleagues from work, are known to personalities. A strict and serious colleague in the soul can dream of how a chef or a subordinate unexpectedly masters it right on the table, or maybe even on the floor.

Women are curious, so in erotic fantasies they sometimes do not have heroes, but a heroine. These sexual desires do not mean that men are disgusting to the lady. It’s just that sometimes every girl wants tenderness, they are eager to go into an unusual adventure, to know a hitherto unknown – sophisticated pleasure.

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