LED lightening.

1st of one of the best ways to decorate your country house and make it unusual and beautiful is the use of LED lighting. The best romantic room looks like soon in the dark on the ceiling at one and the same time hundreds of tiny starry sky are lit, and it may seem at first glance that the whole universe is necessary for the head. Less interesting LED lighting can be decorated with a childish light or a corridor, children from such an amazing thing are simply in the absence of mind. With all the desire this day, LED lighting is rarely used in everyday life, after all, customizers were already pretty interested for them and regularly make an offer to personal customers.

In order to take the point in connection with which this lighting belongs to the category of valuables, it is worth directing your view of the materials, from which such a “bliste” is made, and how the developing disease of its creation goes. So, I would like to say that with my own hands the diode acted as a semiconductor, which transforms the current into light radiation. The soil diode is an artificial origin of the crystal (it is actually considered that semiconductor), which works in the depths of the aluminum (perhaps copper) polished cup. The cup itself makes the function of the cathode and reflector. This whole system is poured with a compound, on the shape of which is depending on the angle of reflection of light rays. A similar type of bulbs is used in each lighting devices, including chandeliers in the modern genre.

When the LEDs only began to make (in the 90s suit), at first it was lucky enough to get three of any color of the diodes: green, yellow, crimson. Of course, the whimsical customizers were few, still I wanted to do more color scheme. The search for the creation of a transparent diode or diodes of opposite colors did not bring almost any results over the course of a series of years, almost until the moment when the Japanese Suza Nakamura simulated a blue LED. This day in favor of LED lighting is not often used alone, first of all they are combined, creating a drawing or abstraction.

If we talk about the preferences of LED lighting, then it follows to mark the future:

– ease of use and connection;

– unsophisticated repair work (1-2 faulty light bulbs should not start a breakdown of a whole chain, as a result of this due to a number of burned out light bulbs, repair work is not classified by always);

– beautiful and extraordinary appearance;

– resistance to temperature, vibrational changes;

– durability. As manufacturers inform, diodes have every chance of working 100 thousand. hours is uninterrupted, and this is just the same for using.

Given the mass advantages and economy, it is not difficult to foresee the subsequent popularity of LED lighting.

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