Flowers for March 8 – which one to give someone

Surely many people know that to give a woman flowers is not such a simple thing as it seems at first glance. After all, there is a so -called “floral etiquette”, according to which bouquets should be presented to the ladies. And it will be useful to talk about this before the approaching holiday on March 8, when every man sometimes has to give not even one, but several bouquets. So, what flowers and who should be given on International Women’s Day?

Flowers for March 8 – which one to give

In this matter, a lot depends on who the bouquet will be intended. We will start with a bouquet for mom. Many sons probably think that the more their bouquet of flowers will be, the more mother will be delighted. But this does not always work, especially if you are still only studying or not too much earning. Of course, your mother will first accept your big bouquet with joy, but then, looking at it, will worry about your financial situation for a long time.

It will be much better if you give your mother a bouquet consisting of 5-7 flowers. What flowers will it be – it depends on what flowers your mother likes. But as for their color, it is better to adhere to the next rule – if your mother is at a rather mature age, then do not give her very bright flowers. Let the bouquet consist of flowers of delicate, pastel colors. Although, of course, there are no rules without exception, and if your parent prefers to see bouquets of rich colors, then, of course, you can and should present her flowers with a bright color.

But a bouquet for a wife on March 8 can be large, festive, and for this it can enter and 9, and even 11 colors. As for what color the flowers should be for the spouse, of course, in this case, it is more appropriate to present red flowers, because red is the traditional color of love. Moreover, if you give your wife flowers not as often as she would like – let a large red bouquet of flowers once again emphasize the power of your feelings for your spouse.

Flowers for March 8 – which one to give

If you are not married for too long, and your second half by nature is a romantic person, then experts recommend presenting her a bouquet of pink tulips on March 8 -she, being a romantic, will surely appreciate this present.

Do you give flowers to your mother -in -law? If not, then in vain it is a very good reason to find a common language with your wife’s mother. Just adhere to our advice and do not present your mother -in -law a huge and elaborate bouquet, which will be inappropriate in this case. It is better to give her a modest and small bouquet of mimosa or a bouquet of light cloves – such bouquets will look gently and, at the same time, will surely please your relative.

And, of course, on such a holiday, you must not forget about sisters and grandmothers, if you, of course, have them. What flowers it is desirable to choose for them? Surprisingly, but to sisters and grandmothers it will be appropriate to present, for example, chamomile or chrysanthemums. As for the mimosa, it can be given to her grandmother without any doubt, but it is better not to consider a gift for a sister of Mimosa.

Of course, on this holiday you also need to not forget and congratulate women colleague. And here it is also necessary to adhere to the so -called floral etiquette. According to him, women – work colleagues who are connected by bonds, it is advisable to give hyacinths or chrysanthemums on this first holiday of spring. Bouquets of these colors will not only show them your attention, but will also be a symbol of your respect for them for them.

Flowers for March 8 – which one to give

But the female colleagues are recommended to present tulips on the day of March 8 on March 8. It would seem – everything is clear and simple, but there are subtleties – tulips for your women, who are still in search of their halves, it is better to give a yellow or cream shade. Such colors will emphasize their femininity and status.

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