Products of Kramoplast 560

Keramoplast 560 allows you to make beautiful roofs beautiful in appearance and durable roof. This material is suitable for both cities located in the south of the country and northern cities. Wavy, durable and light sheets have a high degree of protection against leakage, and the ability of sheets to bend along and across allows you to cover any roof, regardless of which structure of the roof at the house. Thanks to the small weight of the material – only 3.5 kg. – The installation of the roof can be made without help from the side, and a special skill and a special tool is not required for this. It is enough to have a hammer, roofing nails and a hacksaw.

No less value than roof covering, for comfortable housing is a constant water supply. PVC pipes intended for pressure and non -pressure systems will become an indispensable part of your communications. In addition, the installation of polyethylene pipes is quite simple. If you are interested in the PND pipe, the price of it and the place where you can purchase water pressure pipes from polyethylene PE80 and PE100, then it will not be difficult to find out all the information. Due to the fact that polyethylene is frost -resistant, this material is becoming more popular and more popular. Therefore, finding and buying it will not be difficult.

Let’s get back to the roof. If the material is used not to cover the new roof, but to replace the old one, then the 560 porumopast can be laid without removing the old roof. And if the installation is performed correctly, then a reliable roof will protect the house from moisture hit for at least 15 years. And since the material does not include asbestos, this roof will still be and environmental.

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