How to choose a household compressor

For those who like to craft with their own hands, a household compressor will become a faithful and indispensable assistant. Such a piston or spiral compressor is useful in the garage and in the country house. This tool is universal. It can not only serve as a drive for pneumatic devices, but also perform, for example, the function of the pump for tires or to become a substitute for a painting hand.

Household compressors are produced by various purposes and configuration. They have a long service life. Reliability and quality made them a popular tool among both professionals and amateurs. The product range is very wide, and therefore to make the right choice, you need to pay attention to some points.

Most often, household piston compressors have a built -in receiver. He aligns the jumps of air pressure, which arise as a result of the work of the pumping mechanism. This property is important for the proper functioning of devices that are sensitive to the difference. These are, for example, devices with which cars are painted. If the compressor is necessary for less filigree work, then the built -in receiver is excess.

The standard set of many compressors often includes a pressure gauge, as well as a gearbox regulating internal pressure. There is no need for these additions. On the contrary, without them the compressor will be much easier to operate. At the same time, equipment resources are not wasted, the filter for the compressor does not wear out.

For household use, in most cases, compressors with a capacity of about 1 are suitable.1 kW. Household networks are simply not designed for the operation of equipment of greater power. They melt wires in them. In addition, high -power professional equipment is enough to use it for trifles such as conventional painting or blowing the territory from garbage.

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