How to choose a bike

First of all, ask yourself: for what purposes you plan to purchase a bicycle and on what roads, it will be operated? According to the current classification, bicycles are customary into the 4th main types (mountain, highways, urban and special), and all the others are considered as a combined combination of the above options.

Modern mountain bikes, thanks to their universal capabilities, are the most popular in the market. A distinctive feature is a strong design, wide tires with a high tread, the presence of a large number of gears. The bicycle can be operated both on highway and dirt roads with complex relief, but the price of such universality is some loss of speed when moving along the highway.

The appointment of a highway is a fast sports driving at high speed on good roads. This is facilitated by a bent steering wheel and, accordingly, a low landing of a cyclist, a large diameter of the wheels, smooth and narrow tires, a large gear ratio. The model is not universal and has poor cross -country ability on dirt roads or on roads with broken asphalt. Poor maneuverability when driving with low speed.

A city bike can be with a closed (male) or open (female) frame. This type of bicycle is characterized by a vertical planting of a cyclist, the presence of mud shields, trunk, headlights, etc.D., Therefore, it can be used as a vehicle. The main purpose is trips within the city, to work, to the store, bike rogues. It is not recommended for long trips, trips in the conditions of off -road and for aggressive driving. Usually equipped with one transmission, but it is possible to establish several, with the corresponding switching mechanism.

Special bicycles (for trial and freestyle, track, etc.D.), depending on the purpose, have any specific design features. For example: track bicycles do not have brakes, free pedaling, they do not have a speed switching mechanism. The design of bicycles for the trial and freestyle provides for the installation of special stops in the ends of the wheels of the wheels, the presence of a mechanism that allows you to perform multiple rotation of the steering wheel in one direction, etc.P.

There are a number of general recommendations that are desirable to take into account when choosing a bicycle of any of the listed types:

Preference should be given to the model, in the design of which fewer plastic parts are used;

It is better to refuse to buy a bicycle, which has on the main nodes and details (switches, connecting rods, etc.D.), the manufacturer is not indicated;

Usually the heavier bicycle, the worse it is;

Modern bicycles are distinguished by the whole -welded design of the frame and in high -quality frames, the transition of one pipe to another is always made smoothly and almost imperceptibly;

The smaller the diameter of the wheels, the lower the speed of movement, but at the same time, it is much easier to twist the wheels;

To fit a bicycle with small wheels to your height;

The advantage of large wheels is good cross -country ability, a more even move and higher speed;

Any bicycle wheel will not be able to overcome an obstacle exceeding 1/3 of the radius of the wheel itself;

In winter, bicycles are much cheaper (up to 30% of the cost), but the choice of models is usually limited. In the spring, prices increase, but the possibility of choice increases;

Buy a bike to enjoy its use.

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