Water meters

With the installation of a meter, you can not only monitor the amount of water used, but also learn how to save water and financial means. Now is the time to buy and install heat exchangers at favorable prices.

Although you have to spend money on the purchase of a meter, in the future, operation will be able to justify the costs.

Before buying a meter, it is worth deciding which will stand in the riser of the mine. You can also find out about the differences of the counters.

As a rule, winged meters are considered the cheapest, which will be about four centimeters in diameter. The rotation axis of such meters is located perpendicular in the direction of the water movement that comes to you. The impeller is best installed on pipes that go horizontally, on which there are compounds with a thread. Now Turkish impellers are gaining their popularity, which can already be installed in vertical sections of the pipeline. Such meters have balls and deep cleaning filters in stock.

Inside such a filter inside everything is made of stainless material. This differs from Chinese.

The impeller works as a magnet that promotes the indications in another counting case.

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