What to choose for the construction of a wooden house – a beam or log

Everyone wants to have a country house of IDe Cottage in their private location, and subsequently, the issue of choosing a suitable material for its construction is rebelled. Recently, natural materials have been increasingly using for this type of construction – timber, log, etc.P. But you have to choose, and to understand which material is better to consider their main advantages.

According to external data, the log has a rounded and natural shape, its surface is smooth and even. During the implementation of machining the log, a standard, certain diameter is set, which allows you to get perfectly smooth and identical surfaces of the house. Such buildings look neat and aesthetically pleasing. Profiled beam looks a little different. They are at first lend themselves to processing, where they are given a certain form – on the front side of the beam can be flat or semi -oval, and the outer side is mostly even. This form provides the opportunity to significantly simplify and reduce the process of erecting the structure of the house and its further interior decoration.

Strength and long -term, as a rule, the same, since the log and the beam are made of coniferous wood of wood. For it is such a basis that is more resistant to temperature differences and perfectly tolerates changes in humidity level. Due to the fact that the beam and log are specially processed using protective coatings, eliminates them from many diseases of the tree. After such processing, they are very poorly lend on the processes of decay, as well as the effects of insects. In addition, they have another feature – mechanical strength, due to this, the materials allow you to build supporting structures and at the same time perfectly withstand heavy loads.

There is nothing to talk about environmentally friendly, since the material itself is exclusively natural and completely harmless to a person. The main distinguishing feature is the peculiarity of construction. So, if you build a house from a beam, it will be much faster, which will allow you to find a beautiful and cozy house in a very short time, without unnecessary interior decoration. If you use a log, then the construction of houses from the beam will take a little more time, but after building such a house, you will have to wait at least 8 to 9 months, while the tree dries and makes a shrinkage.

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