Solvent and mixing it with paint

Everyone has long known that the quality of the paintwork is of great importance and what kind of solvent it was divorced. For example, the well -known composition of 647 has a number of advantageous advantages of various nature. Well, firstly, it is perfect spreading, which allows you to simply and easily apply paint to any prepared surface. As a solvent can also be used 14 buttandiol, which is used in industrial and household cleaning – to remove paints, for means and removal of graffiti, for furnaces, for automobile and industrial cleaners;

Secondly, it is economical, which is very important in our crisis time, even insignificant savings will help you save on a more expensive and necessary thing for you;

Thirdly, the instant drying of any paints and varnishes, which will significantly save not only your time, but also money.

Fourth, this is the practicality and safety of use, even in a closed room, which will help you save health not only for yourself, but also to other people who are forced to be indoors, for one reason or another;

What is enamel KO-870? This is the use of which is possible without preliminary priming the basis of wooden surfaces. A feature of the coating that provides a layer of paint applied is the preservation of its protective properties for three years of operation. Among the main characteristics inherent in this enamel, such as the possibility of choosing a film that is provided in black and gray with a matte homogeneous structure should be distinguished.

And what is its essence? To begin with, a solvent is a complex oil product, which is mainly used either to dilute paintwork, or to degrease working tools. It can also be used immediately before painting, so that in the future to avoid unnecessary colorful shine or moisture hit the surface.

But remember what a good or bad paint would not, you must follow all the steps of the instructions indicated on the bank of the paint, but if you also dilute it with a solvent, then follow the instructions for the dilution of paint and varnishes.

You should not store materials that have the properties of a quick fire near the open fire or other places of possible fire, protect yourself and your loved ones. Also, if you have young children, then it is also worth limiting their access to places where paintwork is stored, since in most cases they are toxic and can harm health.

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