Color combinations in the garden

The correct use of color combinations is important not only to create a harmonious interior, but also in landscape design, in creating its own garden, which will delight the eye.

Greens always pleases the eye and acts on a person soothingly. Color’s juicy will help to emphasize plants – accents with golden or reddish foliage. You may also need economics.

Flowers are bright color spots, especially when it comes to flowers of red, yellow or orange. Plants with such flowers are planted either as background or next to the entrance. Flowers of cold colors are not so noticeable, but painted in transitional colors, for example, pink, lemon, raspberry, are harmoniously combined, but from afar they can merge. Therefore, plants with pastel colors are usually planted in the foreground.

Too much variegated. The use of white helps to separate different color spots.

When planning the garden, it is necessary to determine which colors will be basic and which are additional, also take into account the level of lighting – some areas will be more lit, others will be in the shadows. Cold light in the shade will be faded, and pale yellow in the shade look especially advantageous.

Garden accessories should be selected in a single style and color scheme, they should not be too bright.

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