How to choose lamps for a stretch ceiling

Stretch ceilings are gaining more and more popularity. They give a platform for stylish design solutions. Design ceilings usually with special stylish lamps. A well -executed lighting system creates comfortable conditions in the home and the stretch structure is used as much as possible.

How to choose lamps

The advantages of stretch ceilings include the possibility of mounting lighting devices of all kinds of structures. These include not only traditional chandeliers, but also LED and point constructions. When choosing a certain type of lamps, you need to pay attention not only to their design and an attractive look of the appearance, but also to the functional characteristics.

How to choose lamps for a stretch ceiling

A significant role in choosing has their efficiency and convenient installation.

Going to the store for the purchase of a particular lamp, think over the light design of the space. It will be correct to draw a scheme for placing lamps and think about where wires and reinforcement will be located. By compiling a detailed plan, you can start calculating the number of lighting devices, select the type and desired power consumed.

Stretch ceilings are designed for a long service life. Therefore, the lamps must be chosen durable. With proper circulation, both the ceiling and the lamps will last several decades. It is advisable to give preference to manufacturers who specialize in the production of these devices.

The choice of chandelier

When choosing this light source, look not only at its original appearance, but also at the method of attaching a chandelier. The chandelier can be attached either to the bar or on the hook. The scheduled chandelier is attached to a special bracket, which is attached to the ceiling. An ordinary traditional chandelier is attached to the hook.

How to choose lamps for a stretch ceiling

The lamp mount on the bar is considered the most practical. But you must definitely look if there are elements between the lamp and the body that reflect the light. The lamp without a reflector will overheat enough. Due to overheating, the tension canvas will be deformed and even melt.

The hook type of chandelier will not deliver problems with deformation. But the cropes of this chandelier should also not direct the rays of light to the ceiling. Better or down. If this condition is not observed, then gray spots may appear on the canvas for some time. But if there is a huge desire to buy precisely the chandelier, with the pantry directed upwards, then the bulbs should be fluorescent or halogen with special spraying. But the distance from the canvas to the lamp should be at least 10 cm.


The design of the room with a point type looks great in the design of the room with a stretch ceiling. But here the method of manufacturing lamps is important here. The lighting device must be made by stamping.

How to choose lamps for a stretch ceiling

The fact is that to install such a lamp, the canvas is slightly cut. An insulating ring is inserted into the slot. It is covered by the side of the lamp. If the lamp is cast, and not stamped, then it will be impossible to attach it to the structure due to the absence of the side.

The easiest way to fix the lamps belonging to the rotary type to the tension structure. This design to the least degree is heated from the light bulb. Conventional incandescent lamps, halogen and energy -saving lamps can be installed in the spotlight. Incandescent lamps should not have a power of more than 60 watts, and halogen and energy -saving – 35 watts.

When choosing a light source, we must remember that the more powerful it is, the more power the structural elements are also heated, in contact with the lamp. This will lead to the loss of elasticity of the film and change its color.

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