How to choose witnesses for a wedding

The role of witnesses at the wedding is certainly very great and important. After all, no one will argue that it is the witness and witness on this solemn day that are the most important assistants to the newlyweds, and largely depends on them how comfortable the bride and groom will feel at their own wedding. In addition, witnesses should have at least small organizational abilities and preferably a great sense of humor in order to maintain a good mood for all gathered guests and young.

How to choose witnesses for a wedding

Unfortunately, there are times when incorrectly selected witnesses only spoiled the procedure for the wedding triumph. This usually happens if the witness is not indifferent to alcohol. Therefore, the choice of a witness and a witness for a wedding must be approached very responsibly. Based on this, let’s look at the question of how to choose the right witnesses to the wedding in the following article.

Surely everyone knows that the witness and witnesses should be idle. It is desirable that they are familiar with each other until this moment and at least sympathize with each other. In general, if you believe the signs, it is believed that if the witness and witness after the wedding also connect themselves to marriage, then a couple of newlyweds on which they witnessed will live happily ever after.

Witnesses, moreover, should be responsible and determined people. After all, we all know very well that the bride and groom on the day of the wedding ceremony should not be separated for a minute, so any problems that may arise during the wedding will be solved by the witness and witness.

Witnesses should also be punctual people. Indeed, at the wedding celebration, and, especially at its beginning, before the painting at the registry office, you need to strictly monitor the time in order to be able to register marriage. This duty also lies on the shoulders of a witness and witnesses who should not only help the groom and the bride, but also look regularly at the watch.

How to choose witnesses for a wedding

Now let’s say a few words about the responsibilities of the witness and a witness at the wedding – the list of such duties will surely help you make the right choice and invite you as a witness and a witness of suitable people.

So, the duties of the witness. Before the wedding celebration, it, as a rule, helps the bride with the choice of a wedding dress and accessories, helps to organize a bachelore. Directly on the wedding day, the witness is redeeming the bride, and here in many ways to “bargain” with friends of the bridegroom, eloquence and sense of humor, the size of the ransom.

On the wedding day, the witness should appear in the bride’s house of one of the first to help the newlywed to dress up. Also, the witness, as mentioned above, conducts the ransom ceremony and throughout the wedding celebration in everything helps the bride. The witness should also take a direct part in competitions and games that will be held, but at the same time she should not lose sight of the bride and, when necessary, always come to her aid.

The witness at the wedding also has quite a lot of responsibilities. On the day of the wedding, he should help the groom in his preparations for the holiday. The witness can decorate cars or prepare for the upcoming bride ransom. His duties include providing the groom’s friends, who will also participate in the bride of the bride, champagne, money, sweets and fruits.

During the wedding feast, the witness together with the tamada monitors the drink of invited guests. The witness is also usually responsible for the walk of the newlyweds and guests after registration of marriage.

How to choose witnesses for a wedding

During the festive feast, the duties of the witness are also ensuring that the bride is not stolen from the groom. To do this, he must be as often as possible in close proximity with the newlyweds and help the groom in everything. If the bridegroom and the witness are not traced, and the bride will still be stolen, then it is the witness that should take the most active part in the redemption of the newlywed. The witness also takes part in competitions and games that are organized at the wedding, as well as the witness of the bride.

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