Real estate insurance: Ukrainian realities

With the onset of the season, the vacation to the owners of apartments and country houses is quite acutely arose about the need to insure real estate.

Not many of our compatriots have the concept of an express negotiation and know why insurance of a private house is a more difficult event compared to the insurance of the apartment.

Even with modern houses, certain troubles happen every now and then – pipes break through, gas is turned off, and in the case of private houses there is a real threat of flooding of the foundation device. In particular, all this is relevant in our time, when one and then you can hear about flooded Europe, troops in Russia, even meteorites have already begun to fall on residential buildings. But it is necessary to state the fact that the metal tile of Orenburg was quite reliable compared to other materials. The owner of the housing in all of the above cases will be quite problematic to independently protect his own house from all kinds of troubles, but it is quite possible to compensate for the damage after all these troubles.

When a person talk about housing insurance as a whole, it should be understood that it is in this context not only about the insurance of a city apartment, a separate country house, but also about multi -storey facilities. In the insurance of each such real estate object, there are both general features and significant differences.

As for houses and apartments, in the predominant majority of cases they are insured by a single principle. The initially distinguished three main categories. The first includes all existing structural elements, and the second – the outer and interior decoration of the residential real estate object. The third category invariably means all the property that is present in an apartment or house (furniture items, household and electrical engineering, as well as individual interior elements).

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