The process of children’s teeth

Teeth in children begin to appear at about six months old. The beginning of the formation of milk teeth refers to the period of laying the correct bone system in the jaw, as well as in the bone tissue and muscles of the face. A dairy tooth, among other things, is a preparatory stage for the appearance of a root tooth in the future, paving the path to a constant bite. The mouth of each child is a place of maintenance of spatial balance until the entire system of milk teeth is changed by a system of constant indigenous.

According to dentists and pediatricians, the process when the teeth in children begin to appear, does not cause a painful reaction of the body. However, this fact does not exclude that a child who has just started the process of teeth, will not be characterized by great irritability than usually. The responsibility of parents will be control and suppression of such children’s habits as the habit of sucking various objects (fingers and children’s nipples). To prevent the possible complications of the state of children’s gums, you need to follow the elementary rules of the child’s hygiene, take care of its oral cavity. In addition, with the consent of the children’s doctor, it is possible to use special dental gels with anti -inflammatory properties.

It should be reminded of the existence of a generally accepted correct order in the process of the appearance of children’s teeth. First, the appearance, or cutting, lower central incisors occurs, then the central incisors are formed on the upper part of the jaw, and then, the process again shifts to the lower jaw. Then, the front root teeth and fangs are formed. In two years, according to the children’s norm, the process of formation of the rear permanent teeth begins.

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