What to choose a laminate or linoleum

When people make repairs, the question very often arises: which floor is better? Very often people buy laminate and linoleum. After all, these materials are not very expensive and at the same time they have positive qualities. Through this, people are at times to choose a particular material. In order to make the right choice, you need to familiarize yourself with their characteristics.

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At the price of linoleum is not very expensive. It can be of different colors, and also linoleum is very easy to fit on the floor. Do not forget that it does not rot. Another linoleum has a layer of anti -slip. Linoleum may serve you from 30 to 50 years old.  But do not forget about the minuses of linoleum. Firstly, linoleum is not environmentally friendly material. And if you put heavy furniture on it to be damaged.

Laminate is a little more expensive than linoleum. He can also be different colors. It fits conveniently on the floor due to the fact that it has a system of closed installation. Do not forget that it is wear -resistant and moisture resistant. Its structure is multilayer. It can also be two types. But it will last you about five years.  And it is made with artificial materials. It is necessary to care for him constantly and correctly. Do not forget that the laminate does not like water.

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