What is profitable to buy in China

Chinese goods have always been distinguished by low prices, and, consequently, the availability of. But do not think that all products from China are second -rate and breaks and breaks in a few days. Factory goods are durable and high -quality and are in great demand not only in Russia, but also in Europe. Therefore, being in China, do not miss the opportunity to purchase several, and maybe more gizmos for yourself and your friends.

What is profitable to buy in China

Sellers in China are annoying and are able to bargain well. It is worth playing along with them, because they do not want to release more than one buyer without goods and, as a rule, always reduce the overstated price by 20 %, or even 50 %. Especially bargaining is appropriate in places of tourist, where prices sometimes overstate both 5 and 10 times, although you are unlikely to learn the real price.

It is profitable to buy electronics in the country such as computers, headphones, microphones, automobile registrars and phones. Many electronic products are produced here, both high -class and inexpensive fakes. In Beijing, good electronics can be purchased on the Huntsiao Shichan market or on Yabao Lou Street. Nevertheless, if you buy electronics, it is recommended to check all the goods on the spot in order to avoid unpleasant situations.

In China Paradise for tea lovers. Here it is sold a wide variety of varieties: green, black, yellow and white. Finding real Chinese tea in Russia is not so simple and it will cost several times higher, so if you are a tea gourmet, then buy this divine drink more. Exquisite tea drinks that can be found everywhere in tea stores and shops are also popular.

What is profitable to buy in China

Buying pearls and jewelry from it will also be a profitable purchase. Before buying such a product, it is better to read the information on how to distinguish the real pearls from fake. So you will have more chances not to run into low -quality goods. In markets, shopping centers and boutiques for pearls, certificates are issued, but it also costs more in such places.

It is very profitable to buy clothes and shoes in China. In stores you will find many popular local brands, and in shopping centers the clothes of European brands. In large stores, such a service is provided for free of free of charge of the purchased thing in size, which is a very convenient service. Pay attention to the coat and fur jackets. They are sewn with high quality, and light texture, warmth and convenience have earned good reviews of numerous customers. It is worth noting that it is better to measure clothes before buying, because often the sizes indicated on the label are not accurate.

What is profitable to buy in China

China is often called the country of silk and this is far away for a reason. Local silk has excellent quality, delicate soft structure. Bed linen, palatins, shirts, scarves, dresses and other clothes are made from it. Chinese silk carpets and paintings, as well as various souvenirs from this material, look great. It is advised to buy such products in specialized factories for the manufacture of silk or in silk markets. As a rule, in factories they also conduct a tour where you can see exactly how silk is made and how embroidery is made on it.

Traditional souvenirs, such as products from crystal, bamboo, ivory, nephritis and wood, will also delight in China. A large assortment of a variety of dishes will not leave indifferent more than one housewife. In the markets and in stores you will find many services, cutlery, tea sets and vases.

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