How to choose safe plastic dishes

Today, the whole world is known about the advantages of plastic disposable utensils. Food plastic containers are very convenient for heating and storing food, as well as their transportation. When using such dishes, you can save a lot of effort and time.

It is very convenient to use disposable utensils in nature, where after the party there is nowhere to wash it. But special attention is paid to medical workers and ecologists. Scientists are convinced that plastic with illiterate use can harm the human body and the environment.

How to choose safe plastic dishes

Before purchasing plastic dishes, you need to make sure that food plastic is made in compliance with technological rules, standards, norms and is completely safe. There should be a marking on the dishes: a logo in the form of a glass and fork. The crossed logo says that dishes for contact with products are not recommended.

High -quality plastic dishes are never saturated bright color. Transparent or white dishes – the best option. Melanin will not be present in such dishes, which is very harmful to the body. Bright and attractive manufacturers make dishes for children. Children’s safe dishes should be colorless, and bright color drawings are applied only from the outside. When choosing plastic dishes for children, you need to give preference only to well -known manufacturers.

Plastic dishes – disposable. Therefore, it cannot be used a second time. Store products in it should also not. Fat and acids that are part of the products can dissolve polymers and transfer them to the body. Polymer compounds also decompose under the influence of oxygen and water, ultraviolet radiation, forming a compound very dangerous for human health.

Plastic food containers can be used repeatedly. But the marking also needs to be studied. The letters PS indicate polystyrene in the composition of plastic. They are suitable only for storage, write cold, without alcohol content. Then phenol and styrene, as well as formaldehyde, will not be able to penetrate the liver.

How to choose safe plastic dishes

Storing hot food is allowed in a dishes made of polypropylene. It is designated by the letters PP. In such a bowl you can even warm up food in a microwave oven. Contact with alcohol should again not be.

If your health is expensive and you are worried about the state of the environment, then use the dishes with marking in the form of 3 arrows. They say that there was a secondary processing and it can be performed again.

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