We understand various types of shells together

When you come to a plumbing store in search of a brand new washbasin, a person who is not used to buying something to the bathroom is very easy to get confused and fall into a stupor. After all, modern manufacturers offer such a large range of products that it is simply impressive.

There are a lot of different configurations, types, shapes, styles and other features that distinguish one model from another. A good assortment is not always good, because it seems that out of a million models it is simply impossible to choose. But in fact, this is a great advantage, because you have the opportunity to choose the perfect model, which will be an excellent addition to the interior of your bathroom, will correspond to all your wishes and preferences.

To choose the only version of the washbasin, you need to know all the features and basic characteristics. If you prepare for the purchase correctly and read, look for information about different types, decide what is right for your situation. Then you can acquire the model that will delight you with your appearance and functionality and appearance for many years. And so, let’s look in more detail what models offer us modern manufacturers and this will certainly help you in making a final decision.

Independent shells

Such a washbasin has a formed bowl that on the wall using special mounts. There are also models with a leg, better known as pedestals, it provides them with excellent support. This type of shell is especially popular because the installation is relatively easy. You just need to assemble the structure and attach it in place. The only disadvantage is that the large area and many inaccessible places in the sink, do a little more complicated cleaning.

Built -in models

They are supported by metal pads around the entire perimeter or are an integral part of the countertop. It seems that the countertop itself flows smoothly into the shell of the shell. They create a lot of workspace and minimize water from water on the countertop and on the floor of the bathroom.

When you select the perfect washbasin, you should see a huge assortment of Colombo products, a plumbing company, which offers a large selection of materials, shapes and styles. In addition, our experts emphasize the importance of the quality of the material, when buying a really standing model. You need to determine the characteristics of which option are suitable in your situation, which will look better in the interior of your bathroom.

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