What is a Turkish bath and is it possible to build it at home

Hamamm or Turkish bath has been known since ancient times. A feature of Hamamm is a heating system. The floor of marble in the Turkish bath was heated with hot steam entering the pipes. The abundance of steam was achieved by irrigation of the hot floor with water. Hamamm had the shape of an octagon, in the center of which were fountains, benches for relaxation and a stones massage room. Branches departed from the center – paired, with varying degrees of heating. Thus, everyone could choose a steam room to their liking. Lighting in a Turkish bath was provided by a roof of stained glass. The domed roof did not allow excess steam to turn into drops on the ceiling, moisture flowed down the walls. In Turkish hammam, they did not use a tree, like finishing material, everything was made of marble and smalt. The interior was decorated with bronze shells and kurna.

Currently, the Turkish bath has not changed in comparison with its ancestor. Natural materials are also used there, a relaxing atmosphere reigns, thanks to a comfortable temperature. In modern hammam only, advanced technologies are used. You can, of course, limit yourself to the shower.

In order to enjoy the eastern bath, it is not necessary to go far. Hamamm can be built in your country house. The principles of construction and arrangement do not change for centuries, use only new materials and equipment.

Select a place for the construction of Hamamma. Any part of the house is suitable for this. The only important condition is a separate room for installing a steam generator, heating and lighting system.

The shape of the roof is invariably dome -shaped.

Walls in a Turkish bath need heat – and waterproofing. Due to which there will be a decrease in useful area, the thickening of the walls will be 5-6 centimeters.

The interior in the oriental style will create an atmosphere of a genuine Turkish hammam.

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