Projects of one -story houses from foam blocks

By acquiring a summer cottage, you first of all begin to think about an inexpensive, but cozy house. After all, I really want to run away from the city everyday bustle in a quiet place near the pond or lake and hide in a small and cozy nest, which is called a summer house.

Therefore, the design of the project and the choice of building material should be treated with all seriousness.

There are a lot of varieties of building materials today, but how to build a stone, long -term, warm and reliable house with minimal costs, every owner of a summer cottage thinks about this.

There is an alternative – this is a modern reliable and relatively non -expensive building material – foam block, with which we will help us to build a turnkey house Comfort House.

Today, many companies are engaged in the manufacture of such building materials and, having rummaged on the Internet on different sites, you will select what is suitable for you.

The manufacture of foam concrete from which the blocks are made, were engaged more than once, periodically forgetting about it, but again and again returned to this process, improving the quality. And today this material is made under pressure from a special mixture of foam and filler honorably occupies one of the first places among building materials.

Foam blocks are of different sizes, which helps to accelerate the construction of the house, have lightness and strength, retain heat and allow the walls to breathe, which is not unimportant for a summer house and houses in general. Thanks to the lightness of the load -bearing walls of such a house, there is no need for a massive foundation, which also saves the budget. In a fire, foam blocks are not burned and therefore are safe, and very durable, their strength only increases over the years.

Another great advantage of such material is its porosity, which allows you to much easily bring communications, make channels for wiring electricity, heating and water pipes. And these advantages can be seen on the site KomForthaus.

Houses from foam blocks, like all stone houses, have an ugly view from the outside and therefore require additional external cladding and interior decoration. But good masters will make the masonry so smooth that it will not be possible to align the walls with a significant amount of finishing material, saving on this.

Outside, the house must be covered with bricks, vinyl siding or plastered, which will save it from moisture and significantly increase thermal genera.

Such beautiful beautiful outside, comfortable and comfortable inside the house, today delight their owners and decorate their summer cottages.

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