What is a thermoma?

Thermodoma is called an ordinary house, though the walls of such a house are made of flay polystyrene blocks, inside which concrete is poured. It is these blocks that are called thermal blocks, which in fact can be considered not removable formwork. And due to the concrete poured inside, you will get a strong, monolithic structure.

The main basis of the thermodoma is polystyrene foam. This material is harmless and environmentally friendly. In addition, thermal blocks are not susceptible to combustion and do not burn, and also serve as an excellent insulation, ten centimeters of this material, in their thermal insulation properties we compare with two and a half meters of concrete wall or 1.8 meters of ordinary brick. Thanks to your thin walls, you can significantly increase the area of ​​the built house, and also reduce the consumption for materials several times and simplify your work ten times.

In the building, which was built of thermal blocks, you can mount any heating system, including a PPM pipe can be used. The thermal system makes it possible to install a roof of a special shape from foam elements, in addition, the height of such a building can be five floors.

Houses made of polystyrene foam can be erected under absolutely any climatic conditions, in addition, such a house can bring you coolness in a hot period and maintain heat in winter. Also, the advantage of such a house can be considered that the weather does not affect the properties of the product at all. The frame of this house, inwardly which concrete is filled, is able to form a solid bars of concrete, which can not miss moisture, or heat, nor frost.

The construction of a house from thermal blocks according to its technology is very reminiscent of an ordinary designer in order to build a two -storey building, you need only about three weeks.

Polistyrol foam is a very light material, one square meter of this material flooded with concrete weighs 350 kilograms, to compare, the mass of a square meter of brick is 960 kilograms. Even the cement consumption in such a material is much less compared to simple bricks. That is why during the construction of such a lady you can apply a lightweight foundation, which will also reduce the time to build it. In addition, this house is very reliable, if a dowel or nail is scored in its wall, then it is able to withstand the load of about eighty kilograms, so you will not have problems with the pendant of carpets or cabinets. These walls will be able to easily withstand overlap of large weight and size, which are used during the construction of industrial buildings.

The issue with the installation of communications is also solved very simply. They can be installed extremely simple and this can be done even before the concrete is poured into the blocks. It is easy to cut the heat unit with a simple knife, so the entire installation of cables and pipes should pass without problems.

The walls of the thermal block can have all kinds of configurations if the wall is deployed at an angle, it can easily be cut using a simple saw.

The issue with the decoration of the premises is also very easily resolved, since the walls of polystyrene foam do not need to be finished. Inside the premises most often use such a finish as: tiles, drywall, lining or plaster, outside – cement fur coat, facing tiles or siding.

However, this is still far away all the possibilities of such blocks – for a long time, polystyrene foam is used as an excellent sound insulator, so you should not worry that extraneous sounds will be heard to you.

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