Country house

Many of us built a country house for a long time, and now long summer evenings enjoy staying away from a noisy city. Someone has one-story house, and someone has a whole palace. Nevertheless, each of us has invested a lot of effort and energy to turn the conceived into reality.

A summer house can be erected from wood, brick, gas -mushroom blocks. Most prefers the wood. If other material is used, as a rule, it is decorated with wooden carved elements.

The territory around the house, of course, is landscaped. Perhaps someone broke a flower garden, and every summer morning can enjoy the beauty and aroma of daisies, irises, cloves. Someone with love in spring digs the beds, and in the summer the radishes, carrots and dill are trembling in the summer. Someone went in a simpler way -he had a territory with a lawn grass, behind which weekly care is also needed. Today, specialized stores are full of all kinds of equipment for cutting lawns. As a rule, they offer lawn mowers with different electric motors. Their size varies depending on power: if you need a lawn mower only for personal use, you can take something not a large-sized. This device should be cleaned after each use.

The arbors were and remain popular buildings on the territory of the personal plot. Ideal material for their manufacture is a verse. No one is new in the presence of electricity in the gazebo. This allows you to sit carelessly on the street until the morning.

Ceramic figures placed on the site are becoming increasingly popular. As a rule, these are gnomes, frogs, piglets. They can play both an etetic role and lighting (they arrange flashlights in them).

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