How to choose sunscreen for adults

With the approach of spring and summer, every reasonable person seeking to protect his skin from the negative effects of sunlight selects for himself a sunscreen that helps him in this. It is really necessary to protect your skin from ultraviolet radiation – the effect on the skin of sunlight is fraught with the appearance of not only tanning on it, but also pigment spots, and even skin cancer. In addition, the sun brings us not only light and warmth, but, unfortunately, the speedy approach of old age – under the influence of sunlight, increased aging of the skin occurs. To avoid such unpleasant consequences, sunscreen for adults must be selected correctly, focusing on the following criteria.

First, decide how long you will be in the open area under direct sunlight. If you go on vacation to hot countries or plan to spend the whole weekend in the country, processing your land plot, then you need to purchase a sunscreen with a high sunscreen factor. Well, in the case when you prefer to spend stuffy summer days in a cool room and rarely go outside, then the sunscreen for you should have a small sunscreen factor.

If you are going to swim, or your body is prone to severe sweating, you will help you to escape from sunlight, waterproof sunshine. Do not forget that such cosmetics are not washed off with water, but, unfortunately, is removed from the body when you wipe with a towel after bathing. Therefore, do not forget to apply the sunscreen on the skin after wiping.

On the shelves of our cosmetic stores, sunscreen are represented not only in the form of creams, but also in the form of lotions and sprays. To understand what is suitable for you personally, determine the type of your skin. If your skin is normal or dry, then it is better for you to purchase sunscreen or lotion for yourself. It is preferable to use sunscreen or gel to owners of combined or oily skin. Moreover, in this case, it is better that the lotion also has a matting effect, and the gel does not contain alcohol.

An important criterion for the correct choice of sunscreens is the ability to correctly determine the time of its action. It depends on the sunscreen, which is indicated on each such tool and is marked by the English letters SPF, and the type of your skin. If your skin is very bright and does not sunbathe, but burns after 15-20 minutes of being under the sun, then, choosing sunscreen, you need to perform the following simple mathematical effect – multiply for 20 minutes by the sunscreen indicated on the means you like. For example, SPF of your chosen cream or spray is 20. Then the work of these two numbers as a result will give you 400 minutes – this will be the time during which this tool will reliably protect you from the sun. After this time, the product must be applied again.

It must be remembered that not a single sunscreen is able to fully retain the sun’s rays. Therefore, using the cosmetics from the sun, do not forget about other advice useful in summer days – try to be in the shade as much time as possible, wear wide -brimmed hats, avoid being under the sun during its highest activity and select the sunscreen suitable for your type glasses. So you can reduce the unwanted effect of the sun on your body to a minimum.

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