Washbuilder’s cabinet: types, their advantages and disadvantages

The arrangement of the bathroom can rightfully be considered a rather painstaking occupation, because in some houses and apartments the territory of the bathroom is so small that the placement of furniture is really jewelry in it. In any case, there is always a place for the washbasin in the bathroom, and, of course, the cabinet is an ideal addition to this element of plumbing. If you need a high -rise room for the washbasin, then you can visit the store selling goods of this segment, or look at the online store of the Colombo brand, where your attention will surely present a more than a wide selection of cabinets for the washbasin for every taste and wallet.

Without a cabinet, nowhere

The most popular, and most importantly indispensable element of the bathroom, is precisely the washbasin cabinet. This is due to the number of advantages of this interior item of the bathroom. First of all, it is worth emphasizing such a property of the nightstand as a significant savings in space. In the soaner, in a magical casket, you can hide all unattractive hoses and pipes, that is, various communications, as well as hygiene and other accessories. It is important to notice that modern bedside tables under the washbasin are durable, because they are made mainly from moisture -resistant materials. And thanks to artistic talents and the desire of manufacturers, to realize as many of their products as possible, the washbasin cabinets are distinguished by various color and textured solutions, so you have the opportunity to purchase that furniture that will perfectly complement and improve the overall interior of your bathroom.

A type of cabinet according to the installation method

It tastes and color, perhaps a comrade and not, but in the appearance of the cabinet, there is always a like -minded person. Speaking about the aesthetic function of the nightstand, it is worth noting that not only color diversity can emphasize the original style of the bathroom, and the type of cabinet is played a special role. Depending on the method of installing the cabinet under the washbasin, it can be suspended, on the legs or with a basement. If you have a small bathroom, an ideal option is a suspended cabinet. The downside of this type is the complexity of installation, however, the result is worth to shake a little. The option of the cabinet is quite practical. It is chrome legs that will last you much longer than plastic. The basement cabinet is easily collected and also easily deteriorates, because as a result of constant interaction with a wet floor, the structure of the base is destroyed and loses its original appearance.

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