Metalization process

How to protect metal from such an inevitable phenomenon as corrosion? Metalization is a great way to protect metal from such detrimental effects. Some time ago, a special technology was created, which is a reliable protection against metal corrosion as a result of operation and exposure to external environmental factors. This technology implies the electric -skinned meter of the surface, which allows you to protect the surface not only from external exposure, but also to improve the appearance of the structure.

The metallization process itself looks as follows and implies the application of small particles of the metal to the surface of the product heated to a hot state, and by the applied method of spraying. This method can also be carried out with the aim of decorating the surface.

Electric system metallization implies a continuously reflecting non -ferrous metal, which melts as a result of the exposure of an electric arc, after which the melt is dispersed and absorbed into an already prepared surface using a high -speed or gas stream.

The method of electrodigal metallization can be combined with varnish coating. Technologies for applying metallization-stall coatings do not need energy-intensive, bulky and expensive equipment.

In order to protect the metal from the results of the exposure of an unfavorable environment, aluminum coatings can be used, since the process of aluminum corrosion is lower than that of steel. For comparison, an aluminum coating with a thickness of 0.2 mm can work effectively for 50 years.

Also, such a metal protection technology as metallization and metallic-lacquerle is actively used as a protective coating from corrosion of elements such as railway holes and crossings, lighting supports and fences of roads and other elements.

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