How to choose a style in clothes

The choice of style in clothes very often occurs incorrectly. After all, usually women, going for shopping, take friends with them, the taste of which relying. It’s good when your girlfriend really wishes you good, and understands what plan you are selecting, but it often happens that girlfriends or relatives advise to purchase those things that they themselves like. Based on this, try before going and updating your wardrobe, specifically decide on the clothes in the clothes that you need. How to do it right?

Men to determine their style in clothes are much easier than the fair sex. If a man holds a leading position or works in an office, then, of course, the style of his clothes at work is exclusively business. On vacation, men usually prefer ordinary everyday or sports style, in which it is easy to choose a men’s wardrobe.

If you belong to the female sex, then before going to the store, first decide which image you like, and what image you adhere to in life. After all, it often happens that a girl or a woman has nothing to wear, although the shelves of the wardrobe are full of inconsistent things.

You are a young and mischievous girl, not burdened with care for family and household chores? Then things of bright colors are more suitable for you, which will look defiant on a woman older. Allow yourself sometimes combining things that are not quite combined in one wardrobe – on young girls, such combinations are quite appropriate, unlike mature ladies.

The style of “Women-Vamp” is rather suitable for an adult lady who already clearly understands what she needs from life. Young romantic girls in such outfits, and even with bright makeup, usually look ridiculous.

The business style in the women’s wardrobe is only in the service, and even then in the case when you are the head of the high rank, or in your campaign there is a dress code in your campaign. Of course, even if you still hold a low position, a miniskirt and a blouse with a deep neckline at work are inappropriate. When choosing things for a business woman, difficulties usually do not arise – in a business wardrobe, women, as a rule, are a business suit with a skirt or trousers and classic sustainable heels shoes.

People of creative professions, of course, should not be constrained and dressed in a business style. For such people, urban style is more suitable that does not have clear criteria. The main thing is that in such clothes its owners feel comfortable and relaxed. In this style, even slight negligence is allowed, which is inherent in talented people.

One of the most common among all ages can be called a denim style, which many stylists belong to a sports style. Some consider this style of clothing uninteresting, although this is far from the case: it has not only jeans, but also skirts, sundresses, jackets, dresses, shirts, jackets and other, sometimes slightly unusual things.

Clothing in the style of “safari” is most relevant in the summer period. These are all kinds of free cuts from natural fabrics of olive, beige or sandy shades, which may be present with prints with animal or plant drawings. Dressing in this style is permissible at any age, but only on vacation.

Only young persons can afford a romantic style in clothes. As a rule, these are skirts, dresses or blouses made of light fabrics with numerous wounds and ruffles. But, as in any rule, this also has her own exceptions – if a girl, for example, is fond of sports and a little harsh in behavior, then this style is unlikely to suit her.

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