The process of making windows

What is almost the most important in the apartment ? This, of course, windows. They are the main ones that they open a review for many things and objects after it. But meanwhile, it is necessary to choose only high -quality windows. After all, not only your health depends on this, but the service life of the goods you purchased – windows. The most popular to date are PVC windows. They differ not only in external beauty, but also in that they are warmer compared to old.

But how do these same windows make? Production of wooden windows and not only analyze them in this article. Became interesting. First of all, it is the PVC profile, from which, in fact, the windows themselves make. As a rule, according to technology, this type of material should be stored for at least a day, while the temperature should be not lower than 17-20 degrees. If these requirements are not observed, then some difficulties in work, the manufacture of the window may arise.

After the profile is prepared, they begin to cut it. For the production of this operation, a double -sized saw is used. It allows you to cut the profile of PVC a certain length at the required angle.

The next step is to install a reinforcing profile. The steel segment of the required length, which is harvested in advance, is inserted and fixed.

The next step is the milling of drainage grooves. Such devices are present in any modern window, and they are intended in order to remove water from the double -glazed window. After milling the drainage grooves, they begin to milling of the ends of the impost. It is also made by the necessary specified length and size. After welding, it is installed directly in the frame.

After that, they are awarded to the manufacture of grooves and holes for accessories. Then welding directly PVC windows, then cleaning the corners and installing accessories and, most importantly, installation of glasses. The final step is to check the work of the work performed.

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