Tours to Adelaide, Australia

More recently, Australia seemed to us tourist exotic. Today, tours to this country have become familiar to Russian travelers. Moreover, they are organized not only in the capital, but also to other cities of this wonderful mainland. You can even meet burning vouchers to Australia in December, when the weather begins to delight the residents of the continent with summer days, but without the exhausting heat that is felt in January or February. The main thing is to avoid the north of the country in December, where endless tropical rain begins.

Adelaide is a favorite vacation spot for our tourists. The city is located in the southern part of Australia and is an exemplary example of a modern settlement. It seems as if Adelaide from the oldest buildings and streets and to today was rebuilt according to a single plan. Everything looks so ordered. Wide avenues, many squares, roads without traffic jams and excellent lighting- harmony here reigns in everything. And even sandy beaches fit perfectly into the appearance of a metropolis.

Adelaide Airport is less than 10 kilometers from the city center and is considered one of the largest. Unfortunately, there are no direct flights from Russia yet, but there are many options with convenient transplants in time. In addition, you can always fly to Sydney, and already from the capital to go to Adelaid with an internal flight. Since a railway message is quite well developed in Australia, the city has its own station. Such transport as a tram, a bus and a train, here is a municipal one, and is supported in an invariably excellent condition.

The first thing that catches the eye in Adelaide is a huge number of green zones of parks and squares, where residents love to spend weekends with children. Botanical gardens delight with an abundance of flowering plants and a rather interesting arrangement. Interestingly, everywhere is absolutely clean. Although, I must say that the fines for garbage in Australia are very solid.

Of the museums, first of all, you should visit the South Australian, where a large collection of artifacts telling about the indigenous population- the Aborigines of Garn is stored. A lot of attention is paid to this heritage. Almost every month, various events (exhibitions, concerts, symposiums) and even offer master classes on cooking and dancing at the Institute of Culture of Aborigines.

There are 4 parks in the vicinity of Adelaide, each of which occupies a huge area. You can come to them for a whole day to get acquainted with the local flora and fauna. And the best review on the city happens early in the morning from the loft hill. You can see the famous Australian waterfalls in Morialta Park, where daily excursions are organized. Children will be interested in zoos, where in addition to other animals, pretty coals live.

Food in Adelaide- almost national sport. Restaurants and cafes occupy entire streets. Perhaps Australian catering can satisfy any, even the most attractive taste. A lot of eastern national cuisine establishments- Japanese and Chinese. However, the usual fast food is also present in all its diversity, like exquisite restaurants with dishes prepared according to traditional European recipes. The prices are moderate, and it is customary to leave about 10% of the total cost for tea.

Many travelers compare Australia with New Zealand. In principle, these countries have a lot in common. For example, extraordinary nature, so diverse that you do not get tired of admiring. And burning inexpensive tours to New Zealand have an equivalent cost. The service is equally good, and the presence of tourist complexes, hotels and organized entertainment amazes even the most sophisticated tourist.

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