How to choose a children’s sports corner

In our age of hypodynamia and a sedentary lifestyle, a sports corner for a child can be called a real salvation. He will interest any baby, and especially a mobile child – after all, in a children’s sports corner or complex there are so many interesting things! It usually has a Swedish wall, gymnastic rings, a rope, a trapezoid and a rope staircase – and you can climb all this, you can hang on this and perform other exercises! Moreover, all this, without leaving home and, importantly, completely free. In addition, as teachers, the physical development of the child, are closely related to his mental development. In addition, classes on sports equipment will also help your child to get stronger and become more resilient and strong.

As you can see, only benefits from sports at home – but this is only if a children’s sports corner or complex is chosen correctly.

First, each parent needs to decide whether he will purchase a sports corner for his heir in the store or will make it on his own. It is wonderful if dad has certain skills and time, and will be able to make sports shells for his child himself, but if not, then you will need to go to the store for the sports complex.

Standard sports corners usually have a height of 2.5 to 3 meters and occupy an area of ​​0.5 to 3.5 square meters. For the manufacture of children’s sports corners, wood and metal can be used. When choosing wooden shells, be sure to check whether all the edges of the details are rounded and whether they have roughnesses that can lead to a splinter in the hands of the baby. It will be better if the whole complex is made of natural wood, and a double varnish will be applied to it, which will significantly increase its service life.

If you decide to purchase a metal sports corner for your child, then give preference to one in which the horizontal bar and the frame are made of stainless steel. Of course, not all elements of a metal sports complex are made of metal – for example, the crossbars on the rope ladder, of course, are made of wood. Therefore, it will not be superfluous before buying to make sure that their surface is well processed and will not lead to the splinter. One of the significant advantages of the metal children’s sports corner is that it is more simple in assembly than wooden, and at the same time its shells are able to withstand weight up to 100 kilograms, which allows even an adult to engage in it.

If the dimensions of your apartment are so small that they do not allow it to place a complete set of shells of a sports corner for a child, then do not refuse this venture and buy only what will take little space. So, for example, the Swedish wall is attached vertically to the wall and does not have large dimensions. In a small apartment, the crossbar, for example, can be hung in the day opening – for a very small child you can hang a swing on it, and then, when the child grows up, a rope, boxing pear or gymnastic rings can be fixed on the crossbar.

When purchasing a sports complex for a child, do not forget that for the safety of training on the floor you will need to lay a mat, so get it immediately. Do not forget that at first, the child will need adult insurance in sports shells. Explain to the baby that before sports classes it is necessary to perform an exercise to train hands – after all, the main load will fall on this part of the body. Such a warm -up will help the child avoid falls and injuries.

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