Decorative plaster

We are all familiar with drywall plasters. This is a smooth plaster for drywall applied to give the walls a seamless species. What is decorative plaster? How much does it cost?What is decorative plaster?

Gypsum is a wonderful substance. While it is wet, it is thick enough to apply it directly to the surface or pour it into a shape, and leave it for curing. Decorative plaster is poured into form. When the form hardens, the decorative gypsum object can be applied to the wall, ceiling or arch. Decorative plaster products are today produced in a wide range of styles, from styles of the Victorian era, to Gothic, art deco and to modern designs and patterns. Ornamental plaster was traditionally used to decorate arches, columns, cornices, fireplaces, railings and ceiling structures.

One of the most elegant features of the houses of the 18-19th-century era is decorative plaster that decorates them.

In Australia, even modest bungalows built in the era of the Ar-Deco of the 1920s were decorated with cornices, sockets, arches, ceiling panels and other gypsum details that give value to the houses to this day. It can be argued that the revival of the popularity of decorative plastering products can be explained by the needs of thousands of repairmen who seek to return their own old glory to these old houses. Thanks to them, decorative plaster again becomes accessible to the average consumer.

Today you can also buy ready -made forms of Kyiv plaster, instead of making them using plaster. This is cheaper, but you cannot get the same range and effects as handmade plaster.

Types of decorative plaster?

Some of the most common decorative plaster products on the market include:

Decorative cornices


Ceiling dome and panels

The environment of the fireplace

Other popular products include sockets, medallions, ceiling roses, light sconces and a number of other decorative objects. So much available today, in fact, you can reproduce almost any pattern in any city.

How much decorative plaster costs?

Two costs participate in the final cost of decorative plaster: plaster products and their installation. Both of these costs will be higher than the standard costs for plaster, mainly because it is specialized work, and not all plasters do this work. This is especially true for any decorative work and reproduction, say, when you need to fix the damaged ceiling rose or arched cornice.

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