How to choose a dispute (food waste grinder)

Few of us are pleased with the type of garbage bucket. And the removal of garbage does not cause much delight. But you can protect yourself from negative emotions if you purchase a food waste chopper – a dispute. This device installed under the sink connects the drain hole with the sewer system. It is suitable for almost any sinks and if earlier the diameter of the drain drain should have been at least 90 mm, then for modern disposers there is enough 50 mm (for example, the Evolution 100 model).

If necessary, the drain can be increased to the desired size, but the only condition – the soil should be made of stainless steel. The number of sink sections does not matter. Due to its compactness, under the countertop, when installing the device, there will still be enough free space. There are two types of grinders – electrical and mechanical, but they have one principle of action: getting into the camera, the waste is crushed and washed off in the sewer. Particles of not more than 3 mm, so clogging is excluded.

Mechanical disposers, also called hydraulic drive, are launched using water. Waste is cut into small particles by several steel blades. But when installing the device, it must be taken into account that water pressure should reach 2.5-6 atmospheres (5 kg/cm3). When pressure is less than 2.8 atmospheres, the device will not work effectively.

In houses with its own water supply system, it will be advisable to install an additional water pressure regulator. Hydromid chopper at a water pressure of 2.7-4.1 bar can provide a torque force of more than 1 liter.With. Copes with the bones of avocados, chicken bones, walnut shells, potato cleaning, banana skins and even with pieces of broken dishes. To put such a disposer, just open a water crane with water. Mechanical models are good because they do not consume electricity and practically do not emit noise. The only negative – if the family has children, then it is better to choose an electric model.

Electric disposers (Disposall, Frigidaire FD 10000, In Sink Erator Ise) operate on an ordinary outlet and grinding is carried out by grinding the waste by moving crumbs or friction along the ribbed walls of the chopper. The electrodispore will cope with the peel of vegetables and fruits, walnut shells, watermelon crusts, chicken seeds, fish, with paper cloths, cigarette butts. But polyethylene, fish of scales, onion husks, corn cobs, large bones, fabric, etc. It will not be possible to grind. The device will work in the device and it will stop. The same thing will happen when the cutlery enters the grinder.

By the way, many models have an emergency stop button, after clicking on which the device will turn off and you can manually remove the stuck item. In management, they are extremely simple: after turning on the cold water, just press the button once. After grinding the waste, the dispute is also turned off by pressing the button. Experts calculated that the water when using the chopper is additionally consumed a little more than three liters per day per person, and the consumption of electricity per month is the same as the burning of the 100 watts bulb for an hour.

Today, there are disposers with continuous or portioned loading on sale. The devices with continuous loading are more common and are calculated that the grinder is turned on first, and then waste is loaded into it.

In the second case, the waste first enters the processing camera and then the disposer is only turned on. Such devices are safe, because there are no sharp blades inside. The device button is arranged so that it can be turned on even wet hands. The maximum noise when grinding more solid waste is only 50-70 dB (for comparison-the noise during the operation of the washing machine in the squeezing mode can reach 80 dB).

Having installed a grain of food waste, you can forget about an unpleasant odor and the need to take out a bin every day. After all, not without reason there are an increasing number of housewives

Among the necessary kitchen equipment is considered the dispute.

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