Real estate insurance in Ukraine

Real estate insurance allows you to protect the owner from a large number of financial problems, but solely in cases where the insurance company itself is sufficiently reliable, and the signed contract is drawn up in accordance with all the norms and rules.

I would immediately like to note that the Ukrainian practice of real estate insurance is significantly different from the American and European, where this kind of security guarantee is an extremely important aspect and the main area of ​​domestic requests of the local population. In accordance with official statistics, more than 137 million hryvnias were allocated under the period of last year under the period of last year, which does not exceed 3 percent of the total insurance payments in Ukraine. This does not at all indicate that in our country there is a small number of cases provided for in insurance, this only confirms that this service in the Ukrainian market is not popular.

Often this is due to the mass distrust of ordinary Ukrainians to the insurance company itself, as well as with the fact that financial instability in the country significantly reduces the level of well -being for each family. In such conditions, human needs come to the fore – clothing, as well as food. The insurance procedure, as a means of ensuring the safety and protection of their real estate, is postponed until more favorable times, and real laws under compulsory insurance in Ukraine simply do not exist.

Experts strongly advise insuring housing, which is rented for rent, since tenants do not carefully monitor his real condition.

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