Porcelain tile. Features of road tiles

Porcelain tile represents the most popular and popular material used in the implementation of the road surface. At the present stage, this type of building material is used for various purposes: to carry out finishing work on personal plots, when arranging a pedestrian area, to lay out the track at the cottage, on the territory of the boarding house. With the help of bridge tiles, comfort is created, and the territory takes on the neatness.

Porridge is produced by two methods:

one. Vibrating

2. Vibration pressing

The positive properties of paving stones are in:

• economy. This type of tile is a technological material, since its installation occurs manually or through a special special machine. Tile care is not complicated, and the period of its operation reaches thirty years.

• comfort, which consists in a high level of stability of the material before the influence of a chemical, physical and mechanical nature.

• environmental friendliness. Porridge does not distinguish substances harm to human health, which are distinguished from the road from asphalt. In addition, it does not heat up in the hot summer time.

• aesthetics, which is ensured by the preservation of the saturation and brightness of the entire color scheme for a long time, due to the pigments that are used during the production of tiles. A wide range of design of this building material allows you to perform a variety of design, making the territory an attractive and individual.

• The cost of laying paving stones on a gravel base in average values ​​reaches 1450 rubles/sq.m, on concrete – 1900 rubles/sq.m

Recommendations for acquiring this type of building material

Before you opt for one of the samples of the paving stones, it is necessary to inspect one tile, given the moments that must be observed during production:

– Homogeneity of mass from concrete;

– homogeneity of the color of the front side;

– Lack of cracks and voids.

Ask the seller, first, about the possibility of acquiring one or two tiles. At home, check the acquired samples for strength through a heavy subject.

The modern market provides the possibility of choosing paving slabs in accordance with the wishes of everyone, the place of placement of tiles, sizes, color painting, which contributes to harmony with the surrounding interior. A wide selection of options can be offered to you by the company manufacturer Skorobotko, the products of which can be found on the Skorobogatko website.

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