Pipes-Sandwich, collect the stove on our own (prices, description, reviews)

If you have a fireplace in your house, then you must definitely put a chimney. In order to do everything correctly, you need to buy a sandvich pipes, you can do everything you need correctly and reliably with them – so that the fireplace works correctly and safely. Let’s find out the details of the installation of pipe-sandvichs.

How to choose the right size for a chimney

It all depends on the power if this is a stove, then you need to proceed from kilowatts.

If less than 3.5 kW – then a pipe with a cross section of 0.14 m x 0.14 m

If from 3.5 kW to 5.2 kW, then a pipe with a cross section of 0.14 m x 0.20 m

If from 5.2 kW and more, then a pipe with a cross section of 0.14 m x 0.27 m

If we figured out the cross section or the approximate area of ​​the pipe, now we will figure out how long the necessary pipe is.

It is necessary to proceed from the fact that the minimum pipe length is 0.5 meters. This is according to SNiP 41-01-2003

It is also of great importance – in which place the pipe will be located, from which your roof is made.

Here are a number of rules that you should know before buying pipes and installing them:

The pipe should be higher by 0.5 meters of a flat roof.

If it is 1.5 meters from the roof skate, then its height should be 0.5 meters above the skate or parapet.

If it is located at a distance of 1.5 to 3 meters from the skate, then the height is allowed to be on the skate.

If the pipe is further 3 meters from the skate of the roof, then the height should be higher than the line on the horizon from the skate of 10 degrees.

*Below are all the rules on one example.

We collect the Sandic Pipe on our own

Pipes insert one into the other. So that the condensate could freely drain down the pipe.

You need to dock the external and inner pipe. If it is too difficult to do it at once, then the option is: release the edge of the inner pipe by 20-15 centimeters and first connect it.

We fix the installation. Install a metal, steel clamp at the junction of the pipe.

We apply a layer of sealant on the pipe. which works at high temperature – up to 1000 degrees.

Note: attention all sandwich panels when selling are glued with a film. When starting work, be sure to remove it.

With independent installation, do not forget to make a compact. Divination is the distance between the pipe and the wall of your house. Data that must be adhere to in the table below.

As for the prices for Sandic pipe, it all depends on their size and quality. It is only important to say that they start from 200 UAH and end in the aisles of 600 hryvnias. These are only approximate prices for this product.

Below we offer you a video for installing a chimney from sandwich panels with your own hands.

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