Paradise life or buying real estate in Thailand

Thailand is nothing more than a wonderful life in a tropical resort. With a visa regime, it is easier than anywhere else! Many probably know that Russians can be in Thailand for thirty days without any visa. It is more correct to say that there is no need to receive a visa on arrival.

Here it will be enough to put in a passport a stamp indicating the crossing of the border. For thirty days, you will have a semblance of a tourist visa in your hands, with which you can’t do your business. As soon as the thirty -day period expires, this visa can be extended for another thirty days, having previously left for Thailand for a period of one day to a year.

As an alternative, such a visa can be exchanged for a business visa, student visa or pension visa. This will not be difficult to do. Thailand today is a country with the simplest visa regime for citizens of the Russian Federation. To date, prices for real estate in Thailand are gradually rising, but, despite such facts, life in Thailand, or rather its value is much less than in Europe, the Russian Federation, Ukraine and other countries.

Taxes here are very, very humane, and as for taxes on land and real estate, they are generally negligible here. The cost of food in Thailand is also small, for example, two meals a day will cost about one and a half dollars or 55 baht here. Buying juices, meat, fish, milk and other necessary products costs approximately $ 20-30. Accordingly, life in Thailand promises to be amazing.

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