With what to combine a small handbag – clutch

Its unusual name is a clutch, this little handbag has broken thanks to the translation of this word from the English language – translated from it means “clasping”. That is why such a miniature handbag does not have a pen – you just need to wrap it around with your hand. Previously, our fashionistas did not have clutches in their arsenal, but in recent seasons, clutches simply broke into female fashion and, apparently, settled in it for a long time. Now you can hardly meet at least one modern woman who does not have a single clutch at all.

With what to combine a small handbag – clutch

This can happen for only one reason – the girl simply does not know what to wear with such a fashionable and miniature accessory. If this problem worries you, then you should certainly read this article – it will just be discussed about what to wear a clutch correctly and beautifully.

It is worth saying a few words that there are some prohibitions on wearing a clutch. So, for example, a clutch cannot be worn with clothes in a folklore, sports or everyday style – fashion, although it is considered democratic, it still categorically prohibits.

If you decide to complete your outfit with a clutch, then you need to remember one more thing – if your ensemble consists of a complex cut or has bright decor elements, then the clutch should be concise and simple. And, on the contrary, a simple costume is quite possible and even need to be supplemented with an interesting clutch of a bright color.

In modern stores of women’s accessories, a very good assortment of clutches is presented in our time. If you are lost in choosing, then think about what clothes you plan to wear this stylish accessory and focus on this. So, for example, clutches in the form of a bag are well combined with magnificent dresses and skirts, and clutches in the form of an envelope will perfectly complement your business suit.

Lacked clutches look very beautiful. But, if you have acquired one of them, then you should not forget that the varnished clutch fashion allows you to combine only with an evening or cocktail dress or other solemn outfit. For everyday use, it is necessary to choose a clutch of calm colors without unnecessary details.

With what to combine a small handbag – clutch

Business women modern fashion offers to purchase a black clutch made of genuine leather. This accessory will not only fulfill its hand, but will also emphasize your high status in the business world.

Many representatives of the fair sex are attracted by bright and multi -colored clutches, which, without a doubt, look very attractive. But such models of small handbags should be combined only with summer light outfits. As everyday clutches or handbags “to the output”, such models should not be used.

On sale you can also see elegant clutches with different textures. For example, plissed clutches, multi -layer clutches or even fastened clutches can be represented on store shelves. Even if you liked one of them, and you decided to buy it, remember that such clutches should only be worn with clothes made in a similar style and having a similar texture similar to your small handbag. Otherwise, your image will look incomprehensible or even ridiculous.

Many modern brides no longer imagine their wedding image without a clutch. But even in this case, the clutch should not contrast with the wedding outfit either by color or texture.

With what to combine a small handbag – clutch

Recently, modern creators of women’s accessories have begun to delight our women with seasonal clutches. For example, for several seasons on store shelves and on the catwalks of the world you can see winter models of clutch. Their distinctive feature is slightly large, compared to conventional clutches, sizes, and a very unusual finish. They may well be finished with artificial or even natural fur or sewn or connected from knitwear. Such models of clutches will certainly look harmonious only with fur clothes – fur coats or vests.

And, finally, another advice to all lovers of clutches – they are not recommended to fill too much. According to stylists, in the clutch should be things at a minimum. Only in this case you will look stylish.

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