List of the most popular cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have captured the modern world and modern man. From everywhere you hear about successful traders, bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges.

However, hearing is not the same as understanding. Let’s try to figure out which cryptocurrency is the most popular and what it is. If you want to always stay up to date with the latest news, get various notifications about cryptocurrencies on

List of the most popular cryptocurrencies

As of April 2022, these cryptocurrencies were the most popular.


There is no person who has not heard anything about Bitcoin, it is he who takes first place in the list of the most popular cryptocurrencies. We first heard about it in 2009.

Currently, Bitcoin is considered one of the most expensive cryptocurrencies, however, it has had its ups and downs, which is absolutely normal for any currency.


The second place in popularity is occupied by Ethereum. He appeared 4 years later than his predecessor in the rating, but managed to reach no less heights. This cryptocurrency has become so popular for several reasons: it is ideal for the full use of smart contracts, and it also provides a convenient platform for developing decentralized applications.


The bronze rating goes to Tether, the value of which is equal to the value of the US dollar. Currencies of this type are necessary for the digitalization of the national currency. Of the advantages of Tether, it is worth noting the complete elimination of such an urgent problem for the cryptocurrency as high volatility. At the same time, all the advantages of electronic money are preserved, that is, a person can be sure of his anonymity and security.


Although not in the top three, Binance Coin is among the most popular cryptocurrencies. Its main advantage and distinctive feature is the possibility of significant savings on exchange commissions.

Currently, Binance Coin is a promising investment vehicle. Its value is growing, and soon it may become the leader of electronic currencies. It is worth noting that its creators are actively fighting inflation: surplus tokens are regularly redeemed and disposed of, which reduces the number of assets in circulation.

This is what the most popular cryptocurrencies look like as of 2022.

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