Uponor Ecoflex Quattro pipeline system

Uponor pipelines are heat -insulated systems that are isolated during the production process. The thermal insulation here is polyprege modern thermal material. All pipes are made exclusively from modern stitched polyethylene, which meets all sanitary-hygienic requirements, which is very important. And the protective corrugated skin is made of special polyethylene of high density, which provides reliable protection to all pipes.

Among the large assortment of Uponor pipes, one -pipe and two -pipe systems are found. But a special place here is occupied by four -pipe systems called Ecoflex Quattro. And they are largely different from the same one- and two-pipe systems. All of them without fail have the elements necessary for laying the system: for branches, and for elongations, and for passages through building structures, and for ends, and for other needs.

So, the Ecoflex Quattro pipeline system is perfect for laying hot water supply systems and for the heating system. As it has already become clear, this system consists of four feeding pipes covered with special polymer material. Two of the four pipes are used for heating and have a special oxygen -bearing layer. Also, the whole system has thermal insulation with closed pores from polyethylene REX and protective corrugated casing. The latter is made of special polyethylene of high density.

The four -pipe system Ecoflex Quattro has its own working parameters. The maximum indicator of the operating temperature of the fluid cannot exceed +95 degrees Celsius and 6 pressure bar. But there are also systems that have maximum working pressure at once in 10 bar.

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