Light as an element of landscape design

No matter how you decorate the site, without sufficient lighting to enjoy this beauty in the evening will be impossible. But it is precisely the park zones of cities that are created for the rest of the population after their work day. How nice it is to take a walk in front of the illuminated alleys of the square, contemplating the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

And so that the design elements are really attracted in the evenings of vacationers, it is necessary to properly use landscape lighting. And you should start the layout with the size of the site itself, clearly defining the functional feature of each corner of the recreation area. In this case, you should decide which places will attract special attention to make more intense lighting here; And what will be the most active areas for relaxation, and, therefore, require more design lighting. All other places (bridges, paths, steps, benches, etc.P.) it will be enough just to highlight.

The backlights themselves are of different types. And each of them creates a special atmosphere for evening relaxation. For example, you can decorate the alleys of the park with a backlight, which goes from the bottom up, installing low decorative lamps along the borders. It is better to install lanterns near the benches, giving lighting from top to bottom.

You can perform point lighting used to attract the attention of vacationers to any design elements. And in order to create a visual theater of shadows and intricate silhouettes, it is used to light up the expansion (in other words, the back).

Underwater lights and fountains with elements of color music look very impressive. But here the “role” of the scenery, and not of its direct functional purpose, is given to light. The same lighting, which has a decorative nature, includes imitation using the backlighting “flame languages” swaying in the wind, or projection animation. But these are special types of landscape decoration, and are rarely used.

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